A solid and sound structure offers insight and peace of mind
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A solid and sound structure offers insight and peace of mind

Wealth, in whatever shape or form, is a wonderful thing to have but with it come effort and worries. After all, it requires administrative, legal and fiscal frameworks. At Orchestra, you are always in control, whilst we assume all necessary tasks and duties. Right up to the annual statements of any holdings you may own.

We take care of all personal and business transactions and give you an integrated view through My Orchestra, your bespoke, secure and online office. This in-house developed, exclusive platform offers a structure in which you can safely manage your documents or authorize payments.

  • We offer you and any advisors you may have, an intregrated view of the entire estate, including all relevant documents

  • We handle any of your invoices and payments online, regardless of where you may be in the world

  • We assume responsibility for all documentation pertaining to insurances, valuations, your will, or any other important matters

  • Via ‘My Orchestra’ you safely store any relevant information in an orderly fashion and are able to (re)direct any fiscal issues concerning your estate where necessary