Financial management

Orchestra is an independent entity that guides you, in steering your entire estate. Portfolio management and (direct) investments for an integrated part of that estate. Our team of dedicated specialists support you in every step of the way and are the first ones to point you towards (often hidden) risks and costs associated with various investment instruments in your portfolios.

We strive to offer you an objective sounding board for any type of investments you may already have made or are looking to make. We are aligned, but do not necessarily always simply comply with your ambitions. First we establish your long term financial objectives. What is it you aim to achieve? Secondly, we look at how to implement investments (and to what extent) within the strategic direction of the entire estate. This ensures clarity, peace of mind and financial results.

  • We advise on and manage global investment portfolios at the lowest possible costs

  • We offer our clients access to a host of private market strategies and funds

  • In order to minimize the impact of costs on your returns, we do not charge a percentage but instead offer our services at a fair and fixed annual rate.

  • Via ‘My Orchestra’, your bespoke online platform, we offer you up-to-date and fully integrated overviews of your entire estate

Financial management
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