Your estate as an organic composition

We view your wealth as an ecosystem: a structure composed from various interacting elements, such as your family, your business and any possessions you own. We view governance as the directing and coordination of all these aspects of your life into a balanced and organic structure.

We support you – taking into account your circumstances and personal wishes, in the way you would want to assume control over your estate. From equity markets to bond markets, from direct investments to real estate and personal belongings; we create the landscape in which you determine where you want to go and where we assume responsibility to get you there.

  • We define, or redefine your family statute; which role do family members or trusted advisors play in your life and which ‘role & rule’ based rights do they need to have in your online My Orchestra platform?

  • We provide an additional pair of eyes that oversee the monies flowing through your estate

  • We are your first port of call for structuring issues, fiscal affairs and compliance with any relevant rules and regulation

  • Via ‘My Orchestra’, your personal online office environment, we offer you and any of your advisors a tool to make governance a tangible topic.

Your estate as an organic composition
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